Flash Long Sleeve Dry-Fit Shirt

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Flash Long Sleeve Dry-Fit Shirt Description:

“You’ve got to forge ahead. Keep moving, even if your path isn’t lit. Trust that you’ll find your way.”

-The Flash

Are you constantly moving forward? Can you go fast and go the distance? Put this on, find your way, and tap into the power of the Speed Force.

Your Powers Include:

  • 4-Way Flex™ Durability – They always wanna update The Flash’s suit, but this is the only suit you’ll need.
  • UV Protection – You might be running on your local beach, and suddenly wind up running next to the Pyramids…when it gets hot, stay covered and heat-resistant
  • Cool Max™ Breathability – To hold up going 1 million MPH, the Flash breathes, and so does this suit. Make sure maintain your stamina, no matter your speed
  • Moisture-WickingLess moisture, no chafing…because how can you focus when you feel gross and sweaty on that last mile? Or those last 3000 miles?
  • Quick-Dry – It doesn’t matter if you’re on a morning jog or a marathon around the world…this thing fights odor and gives you a full-range of motion the whole time

NOTE: These run small so it’s best to order 2 sizes up than your normal US size.

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