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A great workout at the gym, with the blood pumping powerfully through your veins can make you feel incredible, like you could leap over tall buildings in a single bound or fight off an army of alien invaders. If you’re the kind of person who feels like a real superhero after a gym sesh, why not look the part?

At Gym Super Heroes, we have designed a huge range of fitness gear that lets you wear your superpowers on your sleeve. Are you a Superman compression shirt kind of guy? Or maybe you’d rather sport Spiderman on your chest? From the Marvel Universe to DC and back again, our collection of fitness gear features dozens of your favorite heroes, including Captain America, the Hulk, and Iron Man, as well as characters from Dragon Ball Z, X-Men and all your favorite superhero universes.

To deliver the high standard of fitness gear that our customers expect, we have engineered each of our products from the finest moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure maximum performance. The collection includes a huge range of workout clothing for men and women, including super hero compression shirts and shorts in varying lengths and sizes, as well as pants, sports bras, tank tops, boxers and tee shirts. Since our hero-themed gear appeals to people all over the world, we offer free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase requirements.

The majority of our unique collection consists of compression products, as we firmly believe that they are the best way to relieve post-workout stress on the body. If you stick with your workout regiment, they’ll also let you show off your Thor-like biceps! If your workout wardrobe needs an upgrade, why not take your style to a truly epic level with Gym Super Heroes gear!

Getting in shape and staying there is about strength of body and mind, and like every great superhero story, your own journey towards better health and wellness may include a few bumps along the way. Our wide array of workout clothing options is the perfect way to get inspiration and motivation on those days when getting to the gym seems like a struggle. Does Superman take a day off? Of course not… and neither should you.


Check out our full collection of high-quality exercise gear and unleash your inner superhero!

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