Goku Battle Torn Gi Dry-Fit Tank Top Description:

"A true hero is not necessarily the strongest or the fastest, but the bravest. They are the ones willing to go that extra mile."

-Son Goku (Kakarot, if you're a Saiyan)

Are you willing to go that extra mile? Show them how brave you really are. Put this on and go Super Saiyan at the gym.

Your Powers Include:

  • 4-Way Flex™ Durability - Goku's gi always rips. This won't. However intense your workouts get, this material stays flexible and long-lasting
  • UV Protection -  Built to handle high temperatures not only from our Sun, but even BOTH suns of Planet Vegeta
  • Cool Max™ Breathability - Smooth comfort so you can bang out an extra 100 reps at 20x gravity
  • Moisture-WickingStay comfortable so you can keep your composure through anything (from your cardio routine, to a battle against Freeza's Final Form)
  • Quick-Dry - Even Perfect Cell couldn't absorb your power to keep cool and odor-free
Grab the rest of the Son Goku Collection HERE NOTE: These workout shirts run small so it's best to order 1 size up from your normal US size.
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