Superman Workout Shirt Description:

"So many of our dreams seem impossible...and then, when we summon the will they soon become inevitable."


Do you have the will to make your dreams inevitable? Put this crew neck compression top on to become the Man of Steel you're meant to be.

Your Powers Include:

  • 4-Way Flex™ Durability - Long-lasting and built for performance, we finally crafted a high-quality suit that can even repel Kryptonite
  • UV Protection - Remember, you get your powers from the Sun. Make sure your suit has coverage that keeps you cool without slowing down
  • Cool Max™ Breathability - Whether you're literally spinning the Earth back in time or just lugging hay on the family farm, you're equipped with support and range of motion to take on any task
  • Moisture-Wicking - We all got a Lex Luthor hating on us even though he doesn't even lift. Stay flexing on him and never break a sweat
  • Quick-Dry - We engineered your suit to dry faster than Super Breath, so you can stay comfortable and odor-free
NOTE: These short sleeve men's compression shirts run small so it's best to order 2 sizes up than your normal US size.
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