Welcome to the Gym Super Heroes Affiliate Program!

Gym Super Hereos AFFILIATE PROMO large - Welcome to the Gym Super Heroes Affiliate Program!

What is this?

The Gym Super Heroes Affiliate program is a simple way for you to make some easy money with your social media presence.


  • You get a special link to our site like this: www.gymsuperheroes.com/aff=123
  • You share that link on social media (or wherever)
  • You make 20% of whatever your followers buy!
    • That’s ~$5 per item for most of the items in our store!

Not hard, right?

Nope! And as a bonus, we’ll send you anything under $25 from our store to you FOR FREE after your third sale!

That’s ~$10 and a sick shirt for an Instagram post.

On our last store we had folks making hundreds to thousands of dollars a WEEK with just some basic Instagram posts of our products with their affiliate link.

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Why are we doing this?

You’re probably asking yourself, why are they giving away 20% of their revenue for such easy marketing?

Simple, we’re not that good at it.

We have years of experience selling online and in person, providing excellent customer support, and creating great products, but not so much on the marketing side of things. We have found that it makes much more sense to ask the social media influencers who are already so good at what they do take the reigns and earn some good money getting our products out there. 

If you’re still interested, let’s go over the details…

The Details

  • Very generous 20% commission rate for any sales you bring in (most sites don’t even offer 10%)
  • All visitors you refer through your trackable affiliate link get a 21 day cookie, which means you receive commission on ANY purchases made within 21 days of them clicking your link! (Most sites provide a 24 hour cookie to rip off their affiliates) 
  • We can also create a unique 10% off coupon for you to give to your followers, just shoot us a message.
  • You can post your affiliate link on any social media page or website you have!
  • You are allowed to repost ANY of the photos on our site. Edit them however you see fit!
  • Anyone is allowed to join and registration is totally free, there is literally no risk!
  • There is no contract; promote as much or as little as you like!
  • Payout is sent out every Friday via PayPal or Google Wallet!
    • You don’t have to wait months for payout like other programs.
  • There is no minimum payout! Most programs make you wait til you have hit $100 in commissions until you can cashout. Not us! We value your time and money and will send out whatever your earn weekly.
  • You get your own dashboard via Afilliatly to monitor your progress.
    •  Afilliatly is a trusted third party affiliate program. You can trust that they will properly track your commissions.

So, what do you say?

Click the grumpy Vader cat below to sign up!


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